Why Can You See Your Health Through Your Oral Health?

Did you realise that your dental health may offer clues about how you are feeling overall? Your entire body may be affected by conditions that start in your mouth!

Learn about the connection between your mouth’s health and the health of your entire body to protect yourself. It is best to contact Spa Dental Clinic, your Hockley dentist, if you experience any issues with your oral health.

Link Between a Healthy Body & Good Teeth

Like the rest of your body, your mouth is brimming with bacteria, the majority of which are not contagious. But the entrance to the rest of your body is through your mouth! This also applies to your respiratory and digestive systems. Additionally, some of the bacteria in your mouth may even be able to make you sick.

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In a typical case, the body controls microorganisms! We may support our body’s natural defences in doing this by practising good oral hygiene, like regularly brushing and flossing our teeth.

However, if you don’t maintain adequate dental hygiene, your mouth’s bacteria population could rise dangerously. As a result, it may lead to oral diseases like tooth decay and gum disease.

Additionally, taking a number of medications may cause the production of saliva to halt. Decongestants, antihistamines, opioids, diuretics, and antidepressants are a few of these.

Saliva serves to protect you from bacteria that could thrive and cause illness by breaking up food particles and balancing the acids in the mouth.

Numerous studies suggest that oral bacteria and the inflammation brought on by periodontitis, an advanced form of gum disease, may both contribute to the onset of some diseases.

Additionally, some illnesses, such as HIV/AIDS and diabetes, might make the body less resistant to infections. It could exacerbate problems with dental health. Therefore, it’s crucial to check with your Hockley dentist straight away to rule out any issues!

What Conditions and Illnesses Are Known to Be Linked to Poor Oral Health?

Your oral health may play a role in a number of diseases and conditions, such as the ones listed below:

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The endocardium, the inner lining of your heart’s chambers and valves, is frequently infected when bacteria or other germs from another area of your body, such your mouth, circulate through your bloodstream and adhere to specific areas of your heart.

A Cardiovascular Condition

Inflammation and infections brought on by oral bacteria can result in cardiovascular disease, artery blockage, and stroke. Although the precise nature of this association is unclear, some evidence suggests that it might nonetheless exist.

Obstetrical challenges

Periodontitis has been linked to both preterm birth and low birth weight, according to research.


There is a chance that some of the germs in your mouth will enter your lungs, where they can lead to pneumonia and other respiratory conditions.

Several conditions, including the ones listed below, have the potential to negatively impact your dental health:


Diabetes increases the risk of gum infection. Your body’s natural defences against the illness are weakened by it. Additionally, both the prevalence and severity of gum disease may be at an elevated risk as a result.

According to study, people with periodontal disease have a harder time keeping their blood sugar levels under control. The control of diabetes may be improved by regular periodontal care.


Mucosal lesions, a painful disorder that affects the mouth, are a common problem among HIV/AIDS patients.


Periodontal bone loss as well as tooth loss have been linked to this disease, which weakens bones. The usage of several drugs that are indicated for the treatment of osteoporosis carries a remote chance of harming the jawbones.

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Alzheimer’s condition

Patients frequently notice a decline in their dental health as the disease progresses in Alzheimer’s patients.

Other conditions that may be connected to oral health include eating disorders, rheumatoid arthritis, certain cancers, and Sjogren’s syndrome, an immune system disorder that causes dry mouth.

Speak with your dentist about your medication regime and any changes in your overall health, especially if you have a preexisting condition like diabetes or you have recently recovered from an illness.

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You need to make sure that you take good care of your smile because you only have one. Not just so you can flash your brilliant smile, but also so you can be sure you’re reducing your risk of getting sick or experiencing another health issue.

Your greatest option for a Hockley dentist to assist you with all of your dental health needs is Spa Dental Clinic. Reaching out to them is all that’s required!

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