Which is better PRINCE2 or Six Sigma?

PRINCE 2 methodology is based on business practices and Six Sigma is based on Lean thinking. Lean thinking is similar to Six Sigma in the sense that both of them are process improvement techniques.

Lean Six Sigma combines both of these ideas. Lean Six Sigma focuses on solving problems in a more efficient manner, so it is more of a solution oriented methodology. Lean Six Sigma focuses on the quality improvement of an organization. It includes things like eliminating waste, standardizing processes, and other related things.

The PRINCE 2 Practitioner (PRINCE 2P) is someone who Prince2 practitioners the PRINCE 2 method. It’s someone who has learned Lean Six Sigma and understands how to apply it to business processes. Lean Six Sigma is a process improvement methodology. It is used to help companies reduce costs while increasing efficiency and profitability.

There is also a certification in Lean Six Sigma. You can get the certification online. Some companies offer their employees the opportunity to earn the certification as well. The Certification is recognized across the globe.

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