What material is used for stamped concrete?

Concrete stamping has been around for a long time. This technique is used to create decorative patterns and designs on the surface of concrete structures.

There are different techniques for using concrete stamps. Some people like to apply it over a dry-set concrete surface, while others prefer to apply it over wet-set concrete. Stamping over wet-set concrete can make the design and patterns more pronounced than if it was Stamped concrete applied over a dry-set concrete.

The process starts by applying the appropriate amount of concrete stamp to the base of the form and filling it up until the desired pattern is created. A second coat is added on top of the first.

The pattern can be as simple as a flower or as complicated as a full floor or driveway. When done, the concrete stamp is removed and the pattern can be cleaned up with a power washer. Concrete stamps can be very useful for various residential and commercial projects.

They can be used to decorate swimming pools, outdoor patios and driveways, floors and fountains. The process of stamping concrete is similar to the process of staining or painting. In both cases, a thin layer of concrete is applied and then a coat is added.

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