What Is The Difference Between Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence

AI and ML are terms that are used interchangeably, but these mean different things. In technical terms AI, artificial intelligence, is the main field and ML, machine learning, is its sub field. Like in cars, General motors is an automotive company and brands Chevrolet, GMC, Cadillac, etc. are its subsidiaries.

To make things simple, artificial intelligence is a general term that means the ability of computers and machines like robots to perform human-like tasks and to think like humans can in a real world scenario. This is done by designing and writing an algorithm which takes data and learns from it and keeps on improving its performance. Algorithms that are used to write the software are the code of AI and ML which enables the machine to learn by identifying patterns, making decisions, and improving overtime.

ML engineers, Machine learning engineers, are the people behind the miracles you see performed by AI and ML powered machines and robots. Recently popular software chatGPT is an example among many other popular ones.

The reason to create AI programs is to solve problems like future prediction, chat bots, pattern recognition etc. by applying technologies like deep learning, machine learning, computer vision, NLP, and neural networks.

To set your doubts clear about ML developers and AI engineers, or the difference between machine learning and artificial intelligence. Following we have discussed what the differences are, so let’s begin.


What Is AI?

AI is an abbreviation of Artificial Intelligence and this field is specialized in designing and creating computer enables machines and robots. These robots are developed to do one thing, behave like humans and go beyond the humanly possible capabilities. They can analyze data, recognize the pattern and automatically get the information needed without needing any human interference. But that is just one type of AI. Other types differ by having some human intervention where data is feed after humans organize, label, and refine it before feeding to the machine.

You might have heard that AI is being used everywhere. So, from smart assistants to voice assistants, from healthcare to entertainment, AI is everywhere. But why is that? It’s because, AI speeds up the tasks, just imagine analyzing data then recognizing the pattern, and then make decisions based on that and all that done in a time that is not humanly possible. 


What Is ML?

ML is an abbreviation for Machine learning, being a sub category of artificial intelligence the purpose of ML is similar. Meaning recognizing patterns to get insights and predictions. Machine learning engineers can help improve the cognition and actions of a system to get accurate and better results. 

Advanced machine learning goes a step further using deep learning and neural networks to make a machine mimic the human brain and understand human language and actions.


AI and ML work together

AI and ML work together hand in hand and thus machines and robots are made that perform tasks that we never thought were possible to do in such a short amount of time or with such ease. 

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