What is a notifiable medical condition?

Notifiable Medical Conditions are diseases that are important to notify for a number of reasons. These include the potential risk of spread of the disease, the increased potential for spread of the disease because of the increased population density, and the increased likelihood of the emergence and re-emergence of the disease because of a lack of immunity in the population.

These diseases must be notified immediately in order to provide an adequate level of care and to allow control measures to be taken. Notification will prevent people from traveling, which is important for a number of reasons. First, it prevents the movement of the person who has the condition.

Second, if the disease were notifiable, the government would be able to take preventative measures. This will reduce the spread of the disease. Third, notification allows Hgv medical bilston hospitals to have a stock of medications and equipment to treat the disease. This may prevent deaths from untreated infections that could have occurred if there was no notification.

Hazardous Goods are classified as goods that can cause harm to a human being. There are two types of hazardous goods. These include the class 1 and class 2. Class 1 includes explosives, fire bombs, firecrackers, fire starters, matches, and chemicals used for explosives. Class 2 consists of biological agents, radioactive materials, and biological toxins.

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