What are the four types of shutters?

As we all know, it is difficult to install shutters on our windows, especially the sliding ones. But, installing shutters is not very hard once you have the right tools, and of course, the right knowledge.

Here is how you can install shutters. The first thing you will need is a large, flat work surface (e.g., a concrete slab, a concrete driveway or patio, or a smooth concrete sidewalk) and a roller or pry bar. Next, drill two 1-inch holes, one in the top of the window frame and another in the bottom.

Then, screw the bottom Window shutter company bracket of the shutter to the bottom hole. After that, use a pry bar to remove the sash from the bottom of the window frame and attach the shutter with screws to the top bracket. Finally, replace the sash in the window frame.

After installing shutters, you must paint the outside of your house with an exterior house paint (or apply a coat of waterproofing compound before painting).

This will prevent moisture damage to the shutters. You should also regularly check your shutters for signs of wear and tear and repair them accordingly.

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