The ground-breaking GUMS Process is your cure for black gums.

The revolutionary GUMS Procedure – your solution to black gums

The revolutionary GUMS Procedure – your solution to black gums


Are you troubled by black gums? If so, you’re not alone. Thankfully, you now have a revolutionary solution in the form of the GUMS Procedure. Developed by Britegums founder Dr. Robert Stanley, DDS, the patented cosmetic treatment process known as the Gingival Uniformity Modulation System (G.U.M.S) or in short, GUMS, has been revolutionizing the way we treat black gums. Keep reading to learn more about the amazing GUMS Procedure and what it can do for you.

GUMS Procedure
GUMS Procedure

What is GUMS?

The GUMS Procedure, also known as the Britegums procedure, is a patented cosmetic treatment designed to correct and improve the appearance of black gums. Developed by Dr. Robert Stanley, DDS, the GUMS Procedure utilizes a combination of surgical techniques, laser technologies and natural ingredients to restore the uniformity and health of your gums. It is an innovative treatment that is safe, painless and effective in achieving aesthetically pleasing gums. The goal of the GUMS Procedure is to remove the excess pigmentation on the gums while preserving its normal structure and preventing any damage to the underlying tissues. The end result is a more balanced, uniform and aesthetically pleasing gumline.


How does it work?

The GUMS Procedure is a patented cosmetic treatment process developed by Britegums founder Dr. Robert Stanley, DDS. This procedure is designed to restore and maintain the uniformity of gingival tissue. The process involves several steps that are designed to evenly distribute the gingival tissue, while improving gum health.

The first step of the procedure is to apply a specialized solution to the gums that works to reduce inflammation and aid in the healing process. This solution is then followed by the placement of special sutures that are designed to evenly redistribute the gum tissue. Once the sutures are placed, a protective strip is used to help protect the gums from infection and further damage. After this, the treated area is bandaged and left to heal.

Once the gums have healed, patients can expect to see a reduction in inflammation and improved uniformity in their gingival tissue. In addition to improved aesthetic results, patients can also expect to experience an improvement in their overall gum health. The GUMS Procedure is a minimally invasive procedure that offers long lasting results with minimal discomfort.


What are the benefits?

The GUMS Procedure has many benefits for those suffering from black gums or any other kind of discoloration. Developed by the founder of Britegums, Dr. Robert Stanley, DDS, this patented procedure offers several key benefits including a natural and uniform appearance, improved confidence, and a much faster healing time.

The primary benefit of the GUMS Procedure is that it creates a natural and uniform gum color. The procedure uses a special solution to remove pigment-causing agents and deeply exfoliates the gum tissue to restore a natural pink hue. This provides patients with an aesthetically pleasing smile.

The GUMS Process also helps boost a person’s confidence. By having a more aesthetically pleasing gum line, people can feel better about their smiles, resulting in improved self-esteem.

The process is also known for its incredibly fast healing time. In comparison to other gum treatments like gum surgery, the GUMS Process only requires about five minutes for each side and the healing process is typically done within a few days. It does not require sutures, therefore there are no scarring or stitching involved.


What can I expect during and after treatment?

The GUMS Procedure, developed by Britegums, is a minimally invasive and painless cosmetic treatment that requires little downtime. During the procedure, Dr. Stanley will make an incision on the gum line to expose the dark pigmented tissue and remove it using a specialized laser. After the procedure, you may experience some slight discomfort or swelling. You may also be instructed to use a medicated mouthwash to ensure proper healing.

After the procedure, your gums will look much more uniform in color and you will have the desired aesthetic outcome of lighter, brighter gums. You may also be instructed to avoid certain foods or products to prevent irritation and ensure proper healing. The results of the GUMS Process are typically long lasting and can help improve your overall dental health.


Is GUMS right for me?

If you’re suffering from unsightly black gums, the answer is yes! The patented GUMS Procedure, developed by Dr. Robert Stanley and Britegums, is a revolutionary cosmetic treatment process that can address your concerns. The procedure is non-invasive, meaning there’s no need for surgery or anesthesia. It works by gradually and evenly lightening the dark pigmentation on the gums, allowing for an improved overall appearance.

It’s important to note that the GUMS Process is not a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s important to speak to your dentist or doctor to ensure that it is right for you. For example, some medical conditions may make you unsuitable for the treatment, such as cancer, pregnancy, and diabetes. Your dentist will also assess the size and shape of your gums before recommending the Britegums Procedure as a viable treatment option.

GUMS Procedure
GUMS Procedure

Is gum surgery a major surgery?

Gum surgery is usually not a major procedure when it comes to the GUMS Procedure developed by Britegums. In fact, most patients can have the GUMS Process completed in one sitting in the office. During the GUMS Procedure, a topical anesthetic is applied and tiny incisions are made in the gum tissue. After the incisions are made, the excess gum tissue is carefully removed to give the patient a uniform gum line. The procedure is minimally invasive and does not involve cutting into bone or soft tissue. There is typically minimal bleeding associated with the GUMS Process and recovery time is also minimized.

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How painful is gum treatment?

Fortunately, the pain associated with the GUMS Procedure and Britegums procedure is minimal. In fact, most patients describe the procedure as no more uncomfortable than having a dental cleaning. As a minimally invasive treatment, there is very little to no disruption of the gingival tissue, making it far less painful than gum surgery. A topical anesthetic may be used during the procedure to minimize any discomfort. Afterwards, some mild soreness and discomfort may occur, but this should subside within a few days.

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