How 100 Hours Yoga Teachers Training from Rishikesh Yoga Studio?

Rishikesh Yoga Studio’s 100 Hours Yoga Teachers Training may be right for you if you want to teach yoga or deepen your practice. This Rishikesh, Yoga schools India, yoga studio teaches asanas, pranayama, meditation, and yoga philosophy.

This blog discusses Rishikesh Yoga Studio’s 100 Hours Yoga Teachers Training, including its curriculum, teaching style, and benefits.


Rishikesh Yoga Studio’s 100 Hours Yoga Teachers Training Rishikesh provides a solid foundation in yoga philosophy and practice. Theory, practice, and teaching methodology comprise the program.

The program’s theory section covers yoga’s history, philosophy, eight limbs, chakras, and types. Anatomy and physiology help you understand how the body moves and the benefits of yoga postures.

Asanas, pranayama, and meditation are practiced in the program. The studio offers gentle and restorative yoga as well as more challenging strength and flexibility classes.

In the teaching methodology portion of the program, you’ll learn how to create a safe and effective yoga class, use props to support students, and adjust students to maximize their practice.


Rishikesh Yoga Studio teaches traditional yoga. Experienced teachers know yoga philosophy and practice.

The studio’s instructors value holistic yoga. They believe yoga includes mental and spiritual aspects as well as physical practice. The curriculum includes philosophy, meditation, asanas, and pranayama.

Students are supported and nurtured by the studio’s teachers. Yoga is for everyone, regardless of age, fitness, or experience. They advise students to listen to their bodies and practice compassionately.

Program Completion Benefits

  • Rishikesh Yoga Studio’s 100-Hour Yoga Teachers Training is beneficial. Examples:
  • Practice more: The program enhances yoga knowledge and practice. Daily yoga and expert instruction are available.
  • Yoga teacher certification: After the program, you’ll get a certificate to teach yoga locally or abroad.
  • Expert instructors: Rishikesh Yoga Studio’s experienced teachers have trained hundreds of yoga teachers. The program benefits from their knowledge and experience.
  • The program is a great way to meet other yoga enthusiasts. You’ll make lifelong friends with international people.
  • Rishikesh is a beautiful city in the Himalayas. The “yoga capital of the world” has many ashrams, temples, and spiritual centers. Completing the program immerses you


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