Hire a Folk Band for Your Wedding Day

Hire a Mumford-style folk-rock band for Your Wedding Day.

When it comes to wedding entertainment, hiring a folk wedding band for your special day can be a great way to add a unique and personal touch to your celebration. Folk bands are a great choice for weddings because they offer a variety of styles, instruments, and sounds that are perfect for setting the tone and creating an atmosphere of fun and joy. Not only do folk bands provide the perfect soundtrack to your celebration, but they can also often add a special touch of traditional culture to the ceremony and reception.

When it comes to finding the right folk band for your wedding, it’s important to look for a group that has experience in playing at weddings. Make sure to ask them about their past experiences and whether they cater to special requests. It’s also a good idea to check out some sample recordings of their music and ask for references.

When hiring a folk band for your wedding, consider your budget and the type of music you want to hear. Some bands offer a variety of styles, instruments, and sounds, while others specialize in a certain type of music. It’s also important to get an idea of how many musicians the band can accommodate. If you’re looking for a larger ensemble, you’ll likely need to book a larger venue to give everyone enough space.

When it comes to choosing a folk band there are many options to choose from. From traditional Irish and Scottish tunes to more modern styles, you can find a group that is perfect for your special day. So, whether you’re looking for a lively jig or a romantic ballad, hiring a folk band for your wedding is a great way to make your day even more special.

Hire a Mumford-style folk-rock band for Your Wedding Day.

Hiring a Mumford-style band for your wedding day will add a unique and memorable touch to your special day. Whether it’s the twang of a banjo or the sound of a fiddle, Mumford-style folk-rock bands bring energy and sound to your wedding ceremony and reception.

There are a several factors to consider. 

Consider the size of your wedding venue and the number of guests you’re expecting. A Mumford-style band typically consists of four to five musicians, so you’ll need to make sure that your venue can accommodate the size of the band. You’ll also want to make sure that the band is experienced in playing at weddings and can accommodate any special requests you might have.

It is important to choose music that’s appropriate for the occasion. 

You’ll want to select songs that will create a warm and inviting atmosphere at your wedding, as well as songs that will get your guests up and dancing. Many Mumford-style bands have a repertoire of popular covers, so you can be sure to find the perfect songs for your wedding.

Find a Mumford-style band that is within your budget. 

Shop around and compare prices from multiple bands to make sure that you’re getting the best deal for your money. You might also consider booking a band for a longer period, such as for the entire wedding reception, as this can save you money in the long run and ensure that your guests are entertained throughout the day. 

Hire an Irish Band

The perfect addition to your wedding day is an Irish folk band. With their unique instruments, lively music and genuine Irish charm, they will make your day truly special. Whether you’re having a large wedding or an intimate gathering, hiring an Irish folk band can add a lively, fun atmosphere to your day.

When it comes to choosing an Irish folk band for your wedding day, you have a variety of options. From traditional Irish music to contemporary Celtic, they will bring a unique and exciting sound to your celebration. You can choose from a variety of instruments, such as fiddles, spoons, bodhrans and banjos, to create an authentic Irish sound. The music will bring a sense of warmth and joy to your day, as well as provide an energetic atmosphere for your guests to enjoy.


Hiring a folk band for your wedding day is a great way to add an extra special touch to your big day. Not only will it provide beautiful, live entertainment for you and your guests, but the music can also help capture the spirit of the occasion and create lasting memories for everyone involved. Whether you hire a local act or book one from further away, make sure to research their repertoire so that you choose music that speaks to you and resonates with your guests. With careful consideration and planning, hiring a folk band could be the perfect addition to your wedding celebrations!

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