Free YouTube to iPod Converter

Free YouTube to iPod Converter




One day while I was looking for ways to prepare videos for my Zune, I came across a cool free tool (which I will review later). The utility is simply called “Free YouTube to iPod Converter”. This tool is developed by YTBvideoly and it is very useful. On a search engine, you can search for “youtube downloader” or “konwertuj z yt” if you use Brazil, to get the best Youtube video converter tool.

Basically, software is designed for one purpose, and it does it well. It converts Flash video files to videos compatible with your mobile device. Its main purpose is to convert YouTube videos to iPod mp4 video format, but it also does some other things.


First, it not only converts FLV files on your hard drive to mp4 video files, but also extracts FLV directly from YouTube. You simply insert the URL of the video you want to convert, and the utility will automatically visit YouTube, find the video file embedded in the page, and extract it for conversion. Unfortunately, it only seems to work on YouTube; it doesn’t seem to be able to extract FLV files from other video sites.


Besides being able to convert FLV files to iPod video (giving you four output video quality options), it can also convert your FLV files to PSP video at three quality levels, mobile phone compatible mp4 video at three quality levels and four mp3 audio with different quality levels.


The only problem I’ve had with the software so far (which some might consider to be an advantage of the software, not a disadvantage) is that it doesn’t throw any errors if it fails to download the entire FLV file from YouTube. Instead, the progress indicator jumps straight from where it ran into trouble to 100%, and the utility tells you it’s done converting the video. Sometimes you get the full video, sometimes you only get a few seconds of video and then it gets cut off.


You can download YTBvideoly for free, and check out the main project website for tutorials that explain how to use the software. If you have a digital media player, a PSP, or a video-enabled cell phone, you’re bound to get this app.

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