Create a Short URL for Easier Sharing

A shortened URL is an easy and efficient way to share links. They are especially helpful when posting on social media platforms or in emails, as they take up less space than the original URL. Furthermore, it’s an effective way to make sure your link doesn’t break when copied and pasted from one platform to another. Let’s take a look at how to create a short url.

Why You Should Shorten URLs

Before you can create a short URL, you must understand why you should shorten it in the first place. The most obvious reason is that it takes up less space in posts, so it won’t clutter your message or take away from the visual aspects of your post. Additionally, using URLs with fewer characters means they can be easily shared across multiple platforms without getting cut off. This helps ensure that readers will be able to open your link and view whatever content is behind it. Finally, by using a shortened URL service with tracking capabilities like Bitly, you can gain valuable information about who clicked on your links—and when—which can help inform future marketing campaigns and strategies.

How To Create a Short URL

Creating a short URL does not have to be difficult or time-consuming. There are several different services available online that offer free tools for shortening URLs such as Bitly and TinyURL . All you need to do is enter the full web address of the page you want people to visit into the given field and click “Create” or “Shorten”; then copy the shortened version of the link for use in your posts or emails!  And if you decide that tracking clicks would be beneficial for your business, there are also paid versions of these services available where you can track real-time data on who clicked on which links and when they did so.


Creating a shortened URL is an essential part of successful digital marketing today, as shorter links are easier to share across multiple platforms without taking up too much space or breaking due to character limits. Additionally, many of these services offer tracking capabilities so businesses can gain valuable insights into who clicked their links, helping them create more informed marketing strategies moving forward. Fortunately creating a shortened URL doesn’t have to be complicated–all you need is one of the many free services available online such as Bitly or TinyURL!

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