Cerner EMR Vs. Practice Fusion EHR: understanding what makes them different

Two similar software, Cerner EMR, and Practice Fusion EHR, are often seen pitched against one another, and that may be due to some of their features being similar. But how similar are they to be exact, and what are their unique elements, they are all discussed in this article down below. Here is the ultimate comparison you were looking for.

Cerner EMR Software

For health companies of all sizes and specialties, Cerner is an EMR platform designed to improve operations and patient care. It is possible to use charting, recordkeeping, revenue management, and health analytics. These tools guarantee accurate therapy and diagnosis as well as current patient data. The curriculum may be customized to meet the unique needs of any company since it is adaptable.

Cerner EMR Features

Ready-made templates

Key healthcare procedures, including charting, recordkeeping, and medication management, have templates in the Cerner billing system. These templates can be modified to satisfy the specific needs of every company. The accuracy and efficiency of the clinical process are increased by using pre-built templates.

Revenue Cycle Management

Cerner Revenue Cycle Management increases a healthcare organization’s bottom line by streamlining its billing and collection processes. There are tools in the software for managing denials, processing claims, and tracking payments.

Mobile Applications

With the help of the Cerner EMR Mobile App, healthcare professionals can easily stay in touch with their patient’s clinical data. The mobile app allows providers access to patient information, clinical records, and test results from their mobile devices. The software also allows providers to record their interactions with patients and transmit orders and medicines.

Cerner EMR Pricing

Cerner EMR does not have its cost made public; however, you can reach out to our professionals to sort that out for you.

Cerner EMR Demo

A demo is perfect for having a preview of how the software works and what features it offers in detail. Cerner EMR offers a free demo.

Cerner EMR Reviews

Reviewers claim that Cerner is simple to use, flexible, and seamlessly integrates with other software solutions. The software is a great substitute for healthcare organizations looking to increase the effectiveness of their operations.

Practice Fusion EHR Software

Practice Fusion EMR Software is a cloud-based Electronic Medical Records (EMR) software tool that has been specifically created to improve the flow of information between doctors and patients in order to increase the effectiveness of medical operations and save the lives of the people.

Practice Fusion EHR Features

Patient Portal

The Practice Fusion EMR has a strong patient portal that enables patients to take an active role in their care. Patients can use it to maintain their medical data, ask for prescription refills, receive follow-up notifications, see lab results, talk to doctors, and more.


Electronic prescriptions can be swiftly sent between offices and pharmacies by doctors. Pharmacy staff gets instant access to a patient’s medication history thanks to Practice Fusion EHR’s robust e-prescribing capability, which helps to avoid adverse drug reactions and prescription errors.

Friendly user interface

It is easy to navigate the software thanks to its user-friendly design. You can easily find the data you need thanks to the software’s user-friendly interface. You can customize the software’s many other tools and features to suit your needs.

Practice Fusion EHR Pricing

The EHR platform, which was once free, is now accessible for a reasonable monthly subscription fee. The monthly cost for Practice Fusion EHR users is $99 per user.

Practice Fusion EHR Demo

A Practice Fusion demo is available and can be accessed when requested. It is a good thing to always go through the demo before investing in any software.

Practice Fusion EHR Reviews

Positive reviews are the bigger portion of their feedback. Their users find the software really easy to go through and customizable to their needs.

Cerner EMR Vs. Practice Fusion EHR Software—Final Thoughts

Cerner is an apparent pick as a front-runner in the vendor selection process because of its scale in the health technology sector. Cerner introduced Cerner Care, “a single sign-on platform for most Cerner online apps and support websites for healthcare practitioners, healthcare IT professionals, and partners,” in an effort to make it easier for your practice to interact with its web-based applications. Once configured, you no longer need to keep track of several usernames and passwords to access multiple web-based applications.

Practice Fusion, on the other hand, provides a number of integrated features, such as self-service portals, imaging and lab integration, charting, e-prescribing, patient scheduling, and more. Customers have access to help through live chat, email, and phone calls. Onc-ATCB certified platform Practice Fusion offers adaptable solutions, including a gallery of customized templates, compliance tracking, handwriting recognition, and many more.

We hope this article helped bring in some more clarity to your decision-making journey.

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