Best African American Plus Size Models Tips You Will Read This Year

Plus size modeling has seen a huge surge in popularity over the past few years, with more and more models of all sizes entering the industry. This is especially true for African American plus size models,

who have used their platforms to speak out about body positivity and diversity. Whether you’re an aspiring model or just someone looking for inspiration and advice,

these tips from some of the best African American plus size models are the real deal. From improving your confidence to putting together an amazing portfolio, this article will give you everything you need to know.

Ashley Graham

Ashley Graham is one of the most successful African American plus size models in the industry. She has graced the cover of magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Glamour, and Ashley Graham has also appeared in campaigns for major brands such as Levi’s, H&M, and Target.

Graham is an advocate for body positivity and has spoken out about the importance of representation for plus size women. In an interview with Glamour magazine,

she said: “I think it’s important that we see women of all shapes and sizes in the media. It’s not just about being on the cover of a magazine; it’s about having role models who look like you and who can show you that anything is possible.”

Graham is proof that plus size women can achieve success in the fashion industry. By following her career closely, you can learn valuable tips on how to make it as a plus size model. Keep reading to find out some of Ashley Graham’s best tips for success in the modeling also about twitter leaked video

Liris Crosse

Liris Crosse is one of the most popular African American plus size models in the industry today. She is known for her stunning curves and unique style. If you are looking for some tips on how to become a plus size model, then read on!

Crosse has been modeling since she was a teenager and has graced the covers of numerous magazines, including Vogue and Elle. She is also a successful businesswoman, owning her own plus size clothing line called “Liris Unlimited.”

Here are some tips from Crosse on how to become a successful plus-size model:

1. Believe in yourself – One of the most important things you need to do is believe that you can achieve your dreams. No matter what anyone tells you, if you have confidence in yourself, you will be able to succeed.

2. Be professional – When you are starting out in the industry, it is important to remember to be professional at all times. This means showing up on time for castings and jobs, being polite to those around you, and working hard.

3. Stay fit – As a plus size model, it is important to maintain a healthy weight and stay in shape. This will help you look your best on camera and avoid any health problems down the road.

4. Know your worth – Don’t let anyone take advantage of you or tell you that you’re not good enough. You are beautiful and unique, so never settle for

Precious Lee

Precious Lee is one of the most popular African American plus size models in the industry. She has graced the covers of magazines such as Elle and Vogue and has also been featured in campaigns for major brands like Nike and Lane Bryant.

Lee is known for her confidence and her curves, which she showcases in every photo shoot she does. In an industry that is notorious for being exclusive, Lee is a breath of fresh air. She is proof that you can be successful in the fashion industry no matter your size.

If you’re looking for some inspiration from a plus size model who knows how to work her curves, then Precious Lee is definitely someone you should follow. You’ll love her confident attitude and gorgeous photos.

Georgina Burke

Georgina Burke is one of the most successful African American plus size models in the industry. She has graced the covers of magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. Burke has also been featured in campaigns for major brands such as Forever 21, Macy’s, Target, and Lane Bryant.

Burke’s success as a plus size model is due in part to her unique look. She is a curvy woman with an hourglass figure and dark skin. Her look is fresh and modern, and she has quickly become a favorite among designers and editors alike.

If you are looking to break into the plus size modeling industry, take some tips from Georgina Burke. First, it is important to have a strong portfolio that showcases your best features. You should also be prepared to audition for roles and go on castings. And finally, don’t give up – success in this industry takes time, patience, and perseverance.

Dana Owens a.k.a. Queen Latifah

Dana Elizabeth Owens, better known by her stage name Queen Latifah, is an American rapper, songwriter, singer, actress, and producer. Born in Newark, New Jersey,

Owens first came to prominence by appearing on the television show Star Search in 1989. Her debut album All Hail the Queen was released in 1990 and was followed by three more solo albums: Black Reign (1993), Order in the Court (1998), and The Dana Owens Album (2004).

Latifah’s work in music, film, and television has earned her a Grammy Award, an Emmy Award, a Golden Globe Award, two Screen Actors Guild Awards,

and several Image Awards. She has also received nominations for an Academy Award and a British Academy Film Award. In 2012, she was featured on the Forbes list of Hip-Hop’s Wealthiest Artists with a net worth of $60 million.

Tyra Banks

Tyra Banks is one of the most successful African American plus size models in the industry. She has graced the covers of magazines such as Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, and Elle. Tyra is also a former Victoria’s Secret Angel.

Banks have been very vocal about the lack of diversity in the modeling industry. In an interview with HuffPost, she stated, “The fashion industry needs to wake up and smell the coffee.

” She continued, “What I’m trying to do with my new show [America’s Next Top Model] is eradicate some of that racism that exists in fashion.”

In addition to her work as a model, Tyra is also a businesswoman and television personality. She has her own cosmetics line called TYRA Beauty, and she hosts the reality TV show America’s Next Top Model.


We hope this article has equipped you with the best African American plus-size model tips to get you started on your journey. Knowing that there are many like-minded people in the industry,

who has achieved success and shown us what is possible, can only help to empower more women of color to enter into modeling and gain a platform for their voice.

As more and more brands begin to embrace diversity within fashion, we will undoubtedly continue to see an increase in representation of all sizes, shapes, and ethnicities on the runway.

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